Bringing a New Business Model to Life With roz.

Turning a game-changing concept into a revolutionary consumer experience.


What we did

Strategic Brand & Business Planning
Creative & Design
Digital & Tech Development
Paid, Social Media & PR
Data, Analytics & CRM
Event Marketing

A successful diagnostic company turned to us to help them imagine, design, engineer and launch a brilliant new idea. They wanted to give consumers the same choice and transparency around the delivery of healthcare services as they had for any other item they might buy. Together, we set the business strategy, defined target demographics, enticed venture capitalists, developed the brand, and are now preparing to go to market.



Consumers tend to deal with healthcare only when they are sick. Our challenge was to reverse that dynamic with a proactive, online portal that acts as a personal assistant to help them become their healthiest selves, on their terms, from anywhere, with just a click, tap or swipe. Introducing



By combining telemedicine, nutraceutical and prescription products, concierge care, and access to simple at-home diagnostic testing, we’ve found a way to deliver far more than other emerging companies in this space. We are now poised to shift how consumers view their own health and the healthcare ecosystem.


Brad Schaeffer, CEO of roz, says, “We consider HYC Health family. Without their partnership, we’d be nowhere near where we are today. They’ll be lifelong partners, working side-by-side with us on all aspects of the business to bring this breakthrough idea to life.”