Elevating the Conversation.

Building Roche’s global platform for women’s health issues. 


What we did

Strategic Brand & Business Planning
Creative & Design
Digital & Tech Development
Event Marketing
Global Launch

Challenged to drive awareness of Roche Diagnostics’ broad women’s health offering beyond the laboratory community, HYC Health developed a campaign that showed Roche’s commitment throughout every stage of a woman’s life—from obstetrics to infertility to cancer prevention to osteoporosis.

Clinicians weren’t aware of Roche’s comprehensive portfolio. Neither were women, the media, advocacy groups, nurses or anyone outside the laboratory. We developed the theme “With her today. With her for life.” to powerfully connect the brand’s value to its commitment to global women’s health.



Using composite portraits, the campaign gives global affiliates the ability to easily modify keywords to different age groups, ethnicities and media channels. With it, clinicians have the confidence to act. To reassure. To know: Is it benign? Can it be cured? Will I be OK?



This campaign simultaneously elevates Roche’s leadership reputation in the laboratory community and, for the first time, grabs the attention of the broader clinical and lay audiences. Roche Diagnostics is now rightfully positioned as a trusted diagnostic partner, offering a highly sophisticated portfolio of technology, services and products.




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