Power Branding With Roche.

Unifying outreach with a novel customer experience approach.


What we did

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Roche was irritating the people it most wanted to impress. This global leader in diagnostics was simultaneously pitching to big institutions without any coordination amongst its units. Every month, a single laboratory could easily be contacted by a dozen or more representatives, from sales to marketing to logistics to field service. Frustrated that they were competing amongst themselves to reach decision makers, team members had taken matters into their own hands, creating off-label, home-grown materials.

We revamped the way Roche engaged with everyone, from the lab to the C-suite. We created a brand new customer experience game plan focused on coordinated outreach and education. Then, we segmented markets and mapped the journey for products and services by level of experience. The branded solution—One Roche—gave customers a one-stop shop with white-glove service. They could now easily get answers supported by a sales approach that underscored the company’s reputation across categories, from instrumentation to biomarkers.



To kick things off, we developed and hosted 30 non-product-specific events across the country. Attendees learned everything from the latest diagnostic trends to how to market their labs internally. For lab techs, a mobile semitruck was decked out with the newest technology. Using SpotMe’s mobile platform, we answered questions, connected customers to the appropriate Roche representative and tracked engagements. To keep connected, we created a smart digest of news targeted to each attendee’s specific interests.



Five top institutions switched to Roche for their laboratory needs, and we converted 35+ targeted customers to new solutions at one-tenth of the cost. Net Promoter Scores went through the roof.


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