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Convincing reticent doctors and patients to switch a standard of care for Emisphere.


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Emisphere asked us to change how everyone treats B12 deficiency. About 48 million Americans are B12 deficient; those with common chronic diseases are especially vulnerable. The answer for decades? A shot.



Physicians liked the efficacy and steady revenue that came with weekly injections. Patients thought it was the only viable solution. Many more didn’t know their symptoms could be related to B12 deficiency. No one knew a little pill could now fix a big problem. We made the solution as simple and strong as the medicine itself. Now they could switch to Eligen B12, a monthly tablet that takes effect in 30 minutes.



Instead of opting for a big, expensive new product introduction at the Super Bowl (which was the client’s original idea), we recommended the company launch its campaign in the doctor’s office. With only 50 sales reps across the country, we knew we needed a targeted approach. We zeroed in on six physician specialties that treat chronic diseases where B12 deficiency is a likely byproduct. We intercepted the conversation with point-of-care information for patients, doctors and nurses. In-office videos, wallboards, tablets and exam room take-ones made it easy to get started. Banner ads and physician eBlasts directed those looking for more details to a revamped physician-patient website.



Results: while a $1.5MM beta test with another ad agency generated only 6K prescriptions, our point-of-care solution generated 30K prescriptions in the first four months at about 25% of the cost. YOY results are up 32%.

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