Creating a New Brand Identity for BioCare.

Raising the profile of a heroic specialty drug distributor.


What we did

Strategic Brand & Business Planning
Creative & Design
Digital & Tech Development
Paid, Social Media & PR
Event Marketing

BioCare, a well-respected specialty distributor of life-saving drugs, was a $1B brand in the making. Yet few knew it existed; those that did said BioCare was the most trusted company in the category. How do you demonstrate a company’s empathy, precision and speed to all of the hospitals, hemophilia centers and doctors that could choose BioCare to help them save their patients’ lives?



We approached the solution with no preconceived notions. We learned that BioCare’s competitors made promises about the quality of care and service, but customers didn’t always get timely, accurate distribution of these emergency medications that are too expensive to keep in stock. To BioCare, every step of the order and delivery chain matters – from the 24-hour customer hotline to foolproof delivery systems that work in the most challenging situations. BioCare’s outstanding customer service became our catalyst.



We developed and led a two-day strategy workshop that identified the company’s mission, vision and launch plan. It has become our guide to transitioning the company from a consignment to purchase-based business model, which will create new short- and long-term revenue growth opportunities. Our insights and agility paid off. Within months, at the company’s sales meeting, we built excitement and buy-in for BioCare’s new direction and brand identity. Quotes from customers about its outstanding service created a new swagger that continues to motivate the sales teams and service reps today. We brought it to life with a redesigned website, new sales materials, giveaways and more.



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