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The Account Supervisor’s role is to be the day-to-day strategic and tactical lead for assigned client brands. This person will work with the clients and the agency teams to determine and implement the strategies and tactics that will achieve brand objectives. This individual proactively engages clients in discussions regarding strategy, tactical options, finances/budget and conflict management using a collaborative, solution-oriented approach. The Account Supervisor builds and maintains positive, lasting client relationships formed through helping the client achieve marketing objectives with a continual view on the future needs of the brand. The Account Supervisor effectively manages agency resources to meet and exceed client expectations.

The Account Supervisor develops, coaches, trains, supervises and oversees the job functions of the Senior Account Executive, Account Executive and Account Coordinator, establishing direction and priorities as required. As the agency team leader, the Account Supervisor also establishes direction and priorities for the Creative team and other indirect reports.

 Functions and Responsibilities

  • Professionally represent the agency to current and potential clients, industry peers and vendors

  • Gain a thorough understanding of clients’ business and competition to provide strategic planning and direction on assigned accounts

  • Effectively supervise accounts with the primary goal being the achievement of clients’ marketing objectives

  • Ascertain clients’ marketing communications needs, and effectively communicate them to Creative, Media, and other appropriate departments and/or executives, while concurrently serving as the clients’ advocate within the agency

  • Write and prepare marketing communications plans and proposals

  • Communicate clearly and concisely in formal and informal verbal presentations and written documents

  • Provide clients with unsolicited team-generated ideas on improving their business

  • Develop and present the agency’s recommendations and point of view to clients

  • Ensure that accurate notes are taken at meetings so that key points and required action steps are concisely summarized in conference reports or other appropriate communications and are distributed on a timely basis

  • Be proactive in recognizing and reporting new business opportunities

  • Manage the agency team’s contribution to market research projects — both qualitative and quantitative

  • Supervise the development and administration of the clients’ budgets and ensure that the agency team operates within those budgets

  • Negotiate changes in client budgets to reflect changing client demands

  • Maintain efficient and cost-effective management of agency resources and personnel

  • Monitor and evaluate the cost of outside services vs. market value and client value

  • Work successfully with other client agencies and partners to develop and manage synergistic strategies, programs and tactics

  • Utilize appropriate agency departments as required, and skillfully delegate without giving up responsibility, control or authority

  • Continually keep management/supervisors informed and involved in assigned accounts

  • Effectively interact with appropriate agency executives and staff, making recommendations to management in reference to the redistribution of workloads

  • Ensure that team members are familiar with, and are following, established agency policies and procedures (i.e., maintenance of account files, approval processes, maintenance of timesheets, status reports, etc.)

  • Be ready, willing and able to travel frequently to the clients’ places of business, market research events, conventions, etc. as needed to maintain and grow the business

  • Participate, when time permits, in new business pitches


The Account Supervisor is required to possess a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree with emphasis in advertising/marketing and/or communications with at least 4 years of agency or client-related pharma experience. The Account Supervisor must have a thorough understanding of advertising, marketing, media, creative, production, research, agency finance, etc. She/he will be expected to analyze, apply and implement strategic thinking on all assigned brands, possess excellent verbal and written communication skills (including formal presentations), demonstrate good interpersonal and personnel management skills, as well as have the ability to work independently. It is imperative that this individual have a complete understanding of the principles of marketing and communications planning. The Account Supervisor is expected to model leadership within the agency and with clients in managing daily responsibilities, and in making sound business decisions and marketing recommendations.


The Account Director/Associate Account Director is responsible for the overall management of agency-assigned brands, for supporting and developing the strategic definition for the brands, and for generating incremental business for the agency. They are responsible for the effective and efficient operation of all account service functions for the staff assigned to them. This individual continually strives to find ways to plan the effective implementation of the annual statement of work (SOW) and appropriately grow the client’s business. They serve as a role model for their team by helping team members grow and assuring a vibrant, cohesive staff. They may work across several smaller accounts or one large account. Distinctly, the Account Director independently manages a brand with minimal oversight and has autonomy to develop full strategic plans and lead senior-level client engagements. When the opportunity arises, they have the ability to conduct brand-building conversations and are a primary resource clients look to as the agency’s representative on strategic and policy levels. Direct Reports: Account Supervisor(s) on their respective brands.

Functions and Responsibilities

  • Fosters strong client relationships and seeks ways to develop the clients’ brands by providing critical insights that build strong, solid, strategic and tactical recommendations

  • Stays on top of competitive and market dynamics and provides perspective on business/brand impact of these dynamics

  • Identifies brand and market challenges and provides client guidance on how to better understand (ie, market research recommendations) and address these challenges

  • Provides agency leadership and account management on their brands in terms of strategy and tactics, which includes:

    • Ensuring brand strategy, messaging, and tactics that support brand position and overall objectives

    • Providing guidance to the creative team on brand strategy and collaborating with team to ensure adherence to the strategy

    • Overseeing cross-vendor relationships between the agency and all other external/internal supporting agencies or vendors

    • Providing oversight on development of annual SOWs to ensure jobs are aligned with clients’ financial expectations

    • Proactively identifying new brand opportunities in digital and working collaboratively with internal digital and technical teams to secure new business opportunities

    • Managing relationships with key, internal stakeholders to ensure departments are leveraged appropriately to support their clients’ needs and to proactively provide value

    • Managing, growing and developing the accounts assigned and maintaining high level of performance of their teams

    • Escalating any client-related issues to senior management and keeping them informed of the status of problems, significant plans and meetings, as well as client organizational changes

    • Leading the preparation and presentation to client of annual strategic and tactical plans and significant interim programs, including quarterly plans

    • Acting as the agency lead and providing critical thinking during brand planning, product positioning and brand strategy development

    • Coordinating and collaborating with senior management on a regular basis to assess client needs and workload, and to ensure overall client satisfaction

    • Leading and participating in new business endeavors and helping identify new business opportunities in and outside their client base

    • Overseeing all aspects of employee lifecycle assigned to their accounts, including onboarding, training and development, administering reviews to their team, and handling all Human Resource issues

    • Keeping on top of industry news, trends and critical information related to their marketplaces, which may include attending partner presentations or training, and applying appropriate perspective to their brands

    • Accepting responsibility for tracking and adhering to HYC Health’s PTO and all other Human Resources policies

All other duties as assigned.


  • Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree with an emphasis in communications, marketing, and/or business administration

  • At least 6 years of prior experience in an advertising agency preferred, particularly in account management, project management and/or general agency operations, or experience in a senior marketing role within the pharmaceutical industry

  • A broad range of experience in a variety of businesses and industries is a definite asset, as this individual will manage daily activities and recommend sound, strategic business decisions for the agency and clients

  • An in-depth understanding of the marketing/advertising process

  • Strong strategic, analytical and tactical skills are a requisite criterion for success

  • 10-20% travel may be required


The Senior Account Executive is an experienced Account Executive who has proven to be an effective administrator and builder of client relationships. The Senior Account Executive takes on a more strategic role in account development and serves as a liaison to the client on internal agency processes for effective project management. The Senior Account Executive has primary responsibility for marshalling the resources of the agency and ensuring that each aspect of project development is handled flawlessly and on schedule.

A major part of an SAE’s responsibilities is to manage and educate clients on the necessary timing needed to complete each agency function in a quality fashion in order to meet project objectives on strategy and in the most economical way possible.

Functions and Responsibilities

  • Proactively engages client in discussions regarding implementation of all projects, and approaches problem-solving with a collaborative, solution-oriented manner

  • Ability to quickly and thoroughly respond to multiple, simultaneous client and internal queries

  • Demonstrates command of agency processes in the building and development of business relationships

  • Manages all internal processes efficiently and effectively through completion

  • Has a thorough understanding of creative processes, provides effective direction to the Creative team, and is supportive of Creative needs in meeting client objectives

  • Provides accurate and prompt documentation of client decisions/discussions/direction to the agency team by sending internal e-mail recaps and detailed conference reports

  • Contributes to building and implementing a strong, well-rounded tactical plan in support of promotional strategies for the brand

  • Ensures the flawless execution of tactics through broad oversight, including but not limited to:

    • Creating job start forms with appropriate level of detail

    • Reviewing job start forms with Supervisor prior to job start meetings

    • Creating appropriate project budgets and timelines evaluating copy and layout for appropriateness and strategic focus

    • Identifying issues to be addressed throughout the project development process

  • Manages daily marketing and advertising activities, client requests, and related tasks for assigned accounts and supports the Account Supervisor in all requests on a daily basis

  • Ability to handle multiple projects efficiently and appropriately delegate to staff while maintaining ownership of day-to-day tactical management

  • Manages and monitors budgets for assigned accounts, including weekly costs-to-date. This area can include initiating changes of scope, revising job start forms, initiating estimates, issuing re-estimates, overseeing overall team efficiency and preparing monthly financial reports

  • Monitors client billing reports and ensures that financials are kept current

  • Reads key medical journals and remains updated on brand and therapeutic areas

  • Develops a sense of partnership with client, regularly visits client in business settings and attends at least one national convention per year with client

  • Becomes familiar and works effectively with client’s medical/regulatory/legal promotional review and approval process

  • Initiates and leads client status meetings and conference calls

  • Participates in determining market research objectives, attends market research events, helps analyze results and contributes to agency recommendations regarding research findings

  • Leads, teaches, and guides the Account Executive and Assistant Account Executive on clients’ brands

  • Demonstrates an understanding of brand strategy, clinical studies and terms, and the important differences between the various audiences that influence the brand’s marketing and advertising strategies (physician, retail, managed care and institutional markets)

  • Develops a thorough understanding of the brand’s competitive landscape and remains current on competitive issues

  • Acts as main client contact for project initiation and discussion

  • Builds trust and maintains open and clear communication with client and internal team

  • Collaborates with the media department to develop media plans in support of brand strategy


  • Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree with emphasis in advertising/marketing and/or communications

  • At least 3-4 years of agency or client-related pharma experience that provides an understanding of advertising, marketing, media, creative, production, public relations, research, agency finance, etc.

  • High-level verbal and written communication skills are essential for success, as are exhibiting credibility, honesty and reliability

  • Approachability and accountability are important traits needed in order to thrive in the fast-paced culture of pharmaceutical advertising

  • Periodic travel is required