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A new mission that’s all about you

We reduce the distance between agency engagement and brand outcomes. We have an unbeatable formula for success: we listen and digest the problem, then translate it into solid executions that produce nimble, quantifiable results. It sounds simple, because for us, it is. We get it. Now let us get it done for you.

Playing on a new stage

HY Connect is a fully integrated consumer agency with a rapidly expanding healthcare bias. As an industry leader, HYC embraced the commitment to stay far ahead of our clients’ ever-evolving needs and created a separate professional Healthcare Communications division. Today, HYC Health is a fast-growing healthcare and pharma agency led by a talented group of executives, whose synergy and passion deliver results that outperform expectations.

Getting the band back together

Although the environment is new, we’ve been doing this for a long time...together.

We’re a group of senior-level account and creative executives whose paths have crossed at other agencies, with overlapping passions that keep bringing us back to one another. We challenge each other, respect each other, and know how to get it done. Collectively, we have unsurpassed healthcare and pharma experience, and the kind of understanding and loyalty that comes with years of successful professional interaction.

Susan Flinn Cobian
EVP, Managing Director

The Visionary

Sure, Susan’s delivered multimillion dollar revenue growth to countless clients and is a master of inspiring operational discipline and exceptional service, but what sets her apart is her fierce loyalty, passion and tenacity.

Always ready to hit the ground running, she knows how to get it done. She’s a warrior for your brand and is known for building lasting relationships—as long as you don’t mess with her tee time.

Brad Most
VP, Account Director

The Statesman

As an Evans Scholar, Brad has lived a lifetime of providing advice and guidance. He’s spent the majority of his 30-year career working at large ad agencies on major brands, developing integrated communications campaigns.

In his spare time, Brad enjoys lecturing at his alma mater, The University of Missouri, inspiring young minds to follow their dreams. M-I-Z!

John Rossmiller
SVP, Account Director

The Overachiever

John is a solution-oriented global marketer with a passion for building brands. Finding true joy in the collaborative nature of client service, John is an ace strategic troubleshooter, team builder, and exceeder of goals.

When he’s not leading creative brand transformations, delivering integrated campaigns, and building long-term brand equity, John indulges his passion for running, college football, donuts, and craft beer. The first only to ameliorate the effects of the latter two.

Pat Pappageorge
VP, Account Director

The Strategist

Small but mighty, Pat is a tactical force to be reckoned with. She’s known for providing sound strategic insight and impactful solutions that boost brand positioning and success, from big pharma to small biotech.

You can count on Pat to literally go the distance—when she’s not transforming your goals to results, she’s tearing up the roads as an avid distance runner.

Rich Angelini
Creative Director

The Creative Genius

Innovative. Dexterous. Inspiring. Never settling for mediocrity, always pushing creative limits. Rich has an uncanny ability to perfectly blend science and creativity to deliver the right story to the right customer and exceed brand expectations.

A native New Yorker, Rich spends much of his free time pondering the Midwestern custom of cutting a round pizza into tiny squares.

Larry Farkos
VP, Director of Operations

The Chief Engineer

Quality. Service. Cost. How can you choose just one? With more than 30 years of pharmaceutical agency experience, Larry is better equipped than most to deliver all three. Producing exceptional work for clients on time and on budget while keeping a bustling shop hustling is easy when you’re blessed with Larry’s work ethic and powerful motivational skills.

When he’s not busy driving the office, Larry is driving himself to hit the pavement in 5K races… as long as there’s a cold one at the end.

Carie Pflug
Director of Business Development

The Cheerleader

A consummate team player, only Carie’s brilliance outshines her personality. With more than 10 years of experience pitching—and winning—business, Carie’s true talent and passion lie in developing marketing plans that leverage insights, trends, and clients’ core strengths to create compelling content that produces measurable results.

So, how does an NFL fan obsessed with the Steelers and a penchant for winning karaoke competitions fit in with us pharma types at HYC Health? She’s our coach and our biggest advocate, someone we can depend on for sideways thinking, out-of-the-box ideas, and moments of sheer brilliance.

Bryan Weiss
Associate Creative Director / Art

The Skipper

A rare breed, Bryan is equal parts artistic and analytical. While his artsy side drives him to create clean, beautiful work that tells a compelling story—whether it be for print, digital, or anything in between—his wheels are always turning on strategy, tactics, and the bigger picture.

Bryan is a natural leader who not only steers his team toward conceptual and executional excellence, but he’s licensed to steer an actual ship. As if that’s not enough, he is also a talented voiceover artist and improvisationalist, which can make for an entertaining mix on the high seas—not to mention in the office.

Jennifer Fry
Associate Creative Director / Copy

The Perfectionist

Beginning her career many years ago as a medical editor, Jennifer is well versed on all the rules and regulations that come with healthcare advertising. However, her talents don’t just lie in the mechanics. With the spirit of a strategist, the brain of a tactician, and the heart of a writer, she’s as comfortable coming up with unique value propositions as she is developing monographs and crafting clever headlines.

Jennifer is a self-professed bookworm who believes that to be a great writer you need to be a great reader. A subscriber to no fewer than 12 magazines, she has even been known to read PIs for fun.

David Derr
Sr. Art Director

Design Magician

After 25 years of designing clean, compelling ads, Dave is just getting warmed up. A master of logo design and champion of white space, Dave turns advertisement into art. From print ads, to websites, to billboards, to sales aids, whatever he touches definitely makes an impact.

If you ever meet Dave in a pool hall, just walk away. Surpassing shark status, he is an expert at the 8-ball and even played on the 2009 APA City Championship team.

Your goals, your strategy, your objectives — they’re different from any other, and they are all yours. We get it. Here are some of the other brands we’ve come to know. Each had their own unique challenges. We got them, and then we got it done for them.

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